AZ-140 5 – Provisioning Virtual Desktop Resources

We now need to register the Microsoft Desktop Virtualization resource provider.  As Microsoft (2021) notes, you only want to register resources as you’re ready to use them.  Resource providers allow you to use specific resources; they can’t be used without them being registered.  Registering resources follows the least privileged concept preventing resources from being used that isn’t necessary.

To register resources, you’ll go to your Azure Subscription, then click on Resource Providers.  The resource provider you’re looking for is Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization.  You’ll click on the resource and hit register.  Notice, my instance is already in the process of registering.


When it’s finished registering, you’ll get a lovely green checkbox that denotes registration of Desktop Virtualization.


A whole how to on the resource for Virtual Desktops is located here: Azure Virtual Desktop documentation | Microsoft Docs


Microsoft. (2021). Resource providers for Azure services.

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