Disaster Recovery Test Reporting

There should be times within every organization where we are performing disaster recovery testing.  Disaster recovery testing might be as simple as running through a comprehensive review of our disaster recovery policies with players from across the organization at the table or an actual simulation of a disaster.  Regardless of the type, testing results should be reported and stored in a meaningful way for organizational improvement.  In my search for a predefined tool for reporting, I came across several checklists and ideas but very few concrete PDFs or tools to leverage.  I located a few audit reports and checklists along the way, including:



I will keep the tool below updated with new findings/ideas/rewording.  You may download the PDF and use it freely or copy and paste the content below, modifying it to your needs!  I do ask that you keep my name and revision number for credit for any use of the tool.  I’m also happy to take suggestions for improving the tool on my LinkedIn page or via email!

I also recognize that I’ve come across solutions for automated reporting (I’m not being paid for any links below!)







 Word Based Version

 Editable PDF

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