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Thank you for visiting my home on the web.  I'm Rich Hornberger, Director of IT Infrastructure and Operational Solutions for Phoenix Contact.  I'm presently responsible for infrastructure, operations, and security topics. My primary areas of focus include people, process, and cost enhancements for all networks, data centers, security topics, and digital forensic arenas.  I have a wealth of experience working with various cultures with responsibility for IT services across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. 

Previously I served as a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, both on-campus and online, educating Associates and Bachelor candidates in various topics related to networking with a focus on wireless and networking technologies.  I earned his MBA from New York Institute of Technology with a minor in Technology Management and a Bachelor of Science in Networking and Data Communications from Pennsylvania College of Technology.  I hold CISSP, CompTIA Security ce, CCDA, CCNA (Various), and ACWP certifications.

The focus of this website is to share my research related to digital privacy and information security control user acceptance and compliance.  This site will include my on-going research efforts in the areas of IT that I’m focused upon including increasing acceptance of cyber security controls, increasing awareness of information technology in general, and retention of varying subsets of the workforce. 

Thank you for visiting!  If you wish to contact me, please reach out on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter above.  Due to an influx of SPAM, I've had to remove my personal email from being crawled by search engines. 

-Dr. H

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