eSun PLA Calibration Results/Settings

Here is the flow process that I use with my Bambu Labs X1C:
1. Calibrate using the Flow Dynamic calibration settings in the X1C in a manual format. You should use the smooth build plate for this model.

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2. Cablibrate Flow Rate under the calibration settings in the X1C in manual format. You should use the smooth build plate for this model.

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3. Print a temperature tower. I like the following Models:


The following are the results of my eSun/PolyLite Calibration results, temp tower, and flow rates:

 All Filaments Dried and/or New From Vacuum Sealed Packaging...

 Brand  Type  Color Print Temp Suggested Print Calibrated Temp   Bed Temp Flow Dynamics Flow Rate
 PolyLite PLA-CF  PLA Carbon Fiber  Carbon Fiber  190-230  210  60C Cool Bed .01 Factor K Value .968
 eSun PLA Silk Magic PLA   Gold Silver  190-230  215  60C Cool Bed  .022 Factor K Value  Reflection Prevented Flow Analysis

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The focus of this website is to share my research related to digital privacy and information security control user acceptance and compliance.  This site will include my on-going research efforts in the areas of IT that I’m focused upon including increasing acceptance of cyber security controls, increasing awareness of information technology in general, and retention of varying subsets of the workforce. 

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